Download QANDA: Instant Math Helper mod apk v5.1.37 for Android

имя приложения QANDA: Instant Math Helper
категория Образование
размер 27.5MB
Замечания 1399
издатель Mathpresso
дробь 6.0
дата публикации 28/07/2022
загрузка Загрузить Mod Apk
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мод меню:

QANDA: Instant Math Helper

QANDA: Instant Math Helper Представление игры :

✨ Solve your doubts at QANDA! ✨

Need help with your homework? Want to ace your exam?

Well the answer is… QANDA!

Get unstuck ASAP with our step-by-step explanations.

Just snap a pic, and QANDA will solve your doubt in 5 SECONDS for FREE!

✔ Need detailed solutions? From basic math to calculus, our smart calculator instantly gives you step-by-step solutions with a graph!

✔ Want to learn more? You can ask top-school tutors right away and get solutions within minutes.

Try out homework app chosen by over 10 million elementary, middle and high school students from 50+ countries!

▶ Main Features

Instant search

Struggling with homework? Just snap 📷 a photo and search solution in 5 seconds!

Learn with solved exercises and step-by-step explanations!

(And yes, this is 100% FREE!)

Web Search

No need to search things by yourself — all in QANDA now. 📚⚛️ 🧪📊🌎🎨

Just snap the question, and get the best web search resources AT ONCE!

Find videos, step-by-step explanations, and more learning materials right away.

Smart calculator

Stuck with algebra, calculus or equation problems?

Just snap a math equation, and QANDA will give you multiple step-by-step instructions.

You can even get interactive graphs for equation problems too!

1:1 Q&A with tutors

Can\’t find the answer? Want to learn more?

Ask 1:1 questions directly to qualified top-school tutors right away!

In 1:1 Q&A, you can ask ALL subject questions including Physics and Chemistry! 👍

▶ Math Topic Covered in smart calculator

• Basic Math/Pre-Algebra: arithmetic, proportional, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, powers, roots, factors, complex numbers

• Algebra: linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations/inequalities, general polynomial equations, systems of equations/inequalities, logarithms, functions, graphing, polynomials

• Trigonometry/Precalculus: identities, logarithmic functions, exponential functions, trigonometric functions

• Calculus: series, limits, derivatives, integrals

• Statistics: combinations, permutation, factorials

▶ Supported languages

English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai

▶ Support & Feedback

We are always eager to know what you think and want to provide the best support for students\’ educational endeavors.

If you have any issues or feedback to improve QANDA, please don\’t hesitate to contact us!

[email protected]

QANDA: Instant Math Helper Снимок игры :

QANDA: Instant Math Helper

QANDA: Instant Math Helper

QANDA: Instant Math Helper

QANDA: Instant Math Helper

QANDA: Instant Math Helper

QANDA: Instant Math Helper

QANDA: Instant Math Helper

QANDA: Instant Math Helper

QANDA: Instant Math Helper (27.5MB)

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