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FictionPrompter — Story Ideas

FictionPrompter — Story Ideas Представление игры :

With FictionPrompter, you have access to hundreds of unique and distinctive writing prompts that can serve as inspiration for your next short story or other work of fiction.

Each creative writing prompt is accompanied by an appropriate image or graphic to help define the desired aesthetic or theme. The image can really help with the generation of story ideas.

These fiction writing prompts vary in length; some are short and snappy, others contain a bit more detail. You\’re sure to find some inspiration or story ideas amongst the ever-growing collection of prompts!

Once you find a creative writing prompt that you like, you can add this prompt to your favourites so you can easily revisit it at a later time.

Fiction writers can benefit in many ways from the use of writing prompts:

— Focus on a different type of writing or a storyline that you may not gravitate towards naturally, this can help broaden your skill set whilst also providing a fun challenge

— Short distractions from your \»main\» project can help with focus and keep writer\’s block at bay

Key features of the FictionPrompter app:

— Scroll through different creative writing prompts with ease

— Large variety of different themes, aesthetics and story ideas

— Favourite individual writing prompts to save them for offline use and view at a later date

— Copy prompt text to your clipboard, easily allowing you to paste the content into another program of your choice

— No need to register or sign up to use the app

— Updated often, new writing prompts are added weekly!

— New features are already in the pipeline

Pro mode:

There\’s a premium version of the FictionPrompter app that grants extra features upon activation:

— Access to premium prompts. These are \»extra\» writing prompts that are accessible to premium users only

— The ability to submit your own prompts. The prompt ideas will be reviewed and subsequently inserted into the app (either anonymously or the writer can be credited by name)

— A new \»light\» mode that uses a white theme instead of the default black theme. This can be toggled on and off freely

We hope you enjoy using the FictionPrompter app and we hope that you can gain some inspiration from the writing prompts on offer!

FictionPrompter — Story Ideas Снимок игры :

FictionPrompter - Story Ideas

FictionPrompter - Story Ideas

FictionPrompter - Story Ideas

FictionPrompter - Story Ideas

FictionPrompter - Story Ideas

FictionPrompter — Story Ideas (7.7MB)

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