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Name Cleaning Queens
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Publish Date 2022-08-31 23:35:35
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Mod Info:

Cleaning Queens

Cleaning Queens Game Introduction :

When life starts being chaotic, it's CLEANING time. Ana did exactly that! She was in an endless loop of misfortune. First, she lost her job and couldn't find a new one, and then her boyfriend left her. Everything seemed without hope for Ana, nothing was clear to her, but the secret of happiness is low expectations. Fate brought a cleaning service advertisement right in front of her, she decided to go for it. Beth, an owner of the cleaning service, is in desperate need of help just like Ana.
It was an INSTANT MATCH, they can help each other and make their lives crystal clean again! Together as CLEANING QUEENS, they can cleanUP anything.Pick up your broom with them and let the game begin!


PICK AND MOVE for a start! Throw away garbage and move objects from the floor, make it clean.
DRAG AND DROP — Misplaced things needs to be found and placed at their right spot in the home. Let's keep it neat!
FIX all the necessary MESS!
SPRAY all stain spots until it becomes crystal clean.
SCRUB with powerful BRUSH and give it a fresh, clean look.
VACUUM from floor to ceiling and clean the spider web!
RENOVATE home and bring it to its former glory.

Game features:

— Graphics only gets prettier when you wipe off the dust!
— Easy to play, easier to clean!
— Cleaning service led by Beth has a lot of satisfied customers, you should find a way to keep it like that! All you need is to make people happy with the service and cleanUP their mess.
— Have fun while cleaning houses but yet use only a finger.
— Help Mrs. Beth RENOVATE her home and bring it to perfection. After all, her house needs to represent her service. Run a FULL HOME MAKEOVER and make her house and service crystal again.
— In this home cleaning game, you won't decorate and clean only inside but outside the home too! DOUBLE YOUR CLEANING ability and creativity!


Cleaning Queens (130MB)

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