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Mobilio Представление игры :

Don\’t use your phone while driving and get rewarded with our digital currency Mobilio (MOB).



Don’t use your phone while driving and get points for distraction-free minutes.


Convert your points to Mobilio tokens. The exchange rate is determined by the total points scored by the Mobilio community.


Use the wallet in your app to send and receive Mobilio. In the future you will also be able to pay with Mobilio tokens.


▶ Send and Receive Mobilio

In the first version of the app you can send and receive Mobilio to and from other users. Coming soon you will be able to send and receive Mobilio to and from any ERC20 wallet.

▶ Low Battery Consumption

Mobilio runs in the background and is optimized for low battery consumption. Give Mobilio the necessary permissions and forget about it. You’ll earn Mobilio Tokens automatically whenever you’re driving without using your phone.


When your phone alerts you to a message while you are behind the wheel, there is an overwhelming urge to respond. Who is it? What do they have to share? Checking on your phone while driving may only take five seconds, but at 55 mph, your car travels the length of a football field during that time. Using your phone while driving causes physical and cognitive distraction that kills. For those under 30, traffic accidents are the primary cause of death, according to the WHO in their Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018, with smartphones named as a factor in over a quarter of all car accidents.

Distracted driving also has dramatic economic consequences. The global financial losses from auto accidents are estimated at 518 billion USD per year. When all related costs are tabulated — including medical, legal, and administrative costs, plus losses to quality of life — in the U.S. alone, the cumulative costs of auto accidents in 2010 exceeded 800 billion USD.

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Mobilio (21.5MB)

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