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Замечания 2788
издатель GreenRoad Inc.
дробь 6.0
дата публикации 29/07/2022
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GreenRoad Drive

GreenRoad Drive Представление игры :

Improve your business drivers’ safety on the go

GreenRoad Drive turns your smartphone into an intelligent, in-vehicle driving coach. Through analyzing driving behavior, vehicle data and location-based insights, GreenRoad Drive provides drivers with real-time feedback on their driving using visual and voice alerts.

Manage your drivers, not just your vehicles

Built for diverse types of fleets and mobile workforces, GreenRoad Drive reduces the incidence of human error behind the wheel and operational costs that arise from inefficient or unsafe driving.

For more than a decade GreenRoad has been helping businesses save lives and money by creating predictable and standardized driving across the organization.

How does it work?

• GreenRoad Drive detects over 150 different driving maneuvers that affect safety and fuel efficiency.

• During every trip, drivers get in-vehicle alerts as soon as they perform a risky action,

enabling immediate driving behavior improvement.

• After the trip, drivers can view their trip summary and history to learn from their mistakes and avoid future unsafe maneuvers.

• Gamification — each driver is assigned with a safety score reflecting the frequency of their safety events. Drivers are motivated to improve their safety scores and team rankings.

• Fleet, operations and safety managers and HR teams can live-track their drivers and vehicles and analyze their driving behavior to provide additional coaching to riskier drivers and reward safe drivers.

• Managers and drivers can get additional deep insights and detailed reports using the GreenRoad Central web-based application.

• Managers can award their best drivers with redeemable gifts, delivered directly within the mobile app (e.g. coffee shop gift cards).

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GreenRoad Drive

GreenRoad Drive

GreenRoad Drive

GreenRoad Drive

GreenRoad Drive

GreenRoad Drive (82.6MB)

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