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имя приложения MySmile
категория Производительность
размер 158.0MB
Замечания 2041
издатель Smile Communications
дробь 6.0
дата публикации 30/07/2022
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MySmile App with VOICE is here! Make and receive calls and SMSs using your MySmile App to/from any number in the world using your MySmile App. Activate your SmileNumber for voice by following the prompts on the App and you’ll be ready to make/receive calls. With the MySmile App, you can Recharge Data, Voice, and Airtime, Check Balances, Redeem Airtime Vouchers, and Share Data and Airtime whenever you want. MySmile App from Smile for all your service needs.

All you need for all your voice, data, and SMS needs is the FREE MySmile App from Smile. Enjoy unlimited FREE on-net calls and the lowest call rates when making calls from the MySmile App. You can also manage and view all your Smile services with ease, where ever you are.

You can make calls, receive calls, access and manage contacts, save your favorite contacts and see missed calls when someone tried to call you. You can also send/receive and manage your SMS messages.

You can:

✔ Make/ receive calls and SMS messages

✔ Manage contacts

✔ View Data, Voice, and Airtime Balances

✔ Recharge Data, Voice, and Airtime

✔ Redeem Airtime Vouchers

✔ Share Data and Airtime

✔ View your profile information and KYC status, and

✔ View and download your usage, purchase, and share history, whenever you want.

The ease of making quality voice calls from and to anywhere in the world as well as managing your Smile services has never been easier.

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MySmile (158.0MB)

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