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WHOOP is your personalized digital fitness and health coach. Get the all-new WHOOP 4.0, our most advanced WHOOP yet, and pair it with your phone to unlock powerful personal insights, available directly in the WHOOP app.

WHOOP monitors your physiological data 24/7 to provide you with insights into your sleep habits, training, recovery, and overall health. It calibrates to your data over time, giving you personalized recommendations and coaching on what you can do – from when to go to bed to what behaviors to adopt – to optimize your performance and your health. This app requires a WHOOP wearable.

Here’s how it works:

Sleep: Every night, WHOOP calculates your sleep performance by measuring the sleep you got compared to the sleep your body needs. Sleep Coach lets you know when you should go to bed to optimize your performance the following day.

Strain: WHOOP does more than just track your activity – it measures how much physical and mental stress you put on yourself throughout your entire day. WHOOP considers your exercise, work, errands, travel, parenting, and more to calculate a daily Strain score ranging from 0 to 21. Strain Coach then recommends your optimal target exertion range based on your Recovery score to help you maximize your gains without sacrificing your Recovery.

Recovery: WHOOP lets you know how ready you are to perform by measuring your heart-rate variability, resting heart rate, sleep, and respiratory rate. You’ll get a daily Recovery score on a scale of 0 to 100%. When you’re in the green, you’re ready for strain, when you’re in the yellow or red, you may want to evaluate your training program.

Health: Get a big-picture look at your overall health. The WHOOP 4.0 features an SPO2 sensor and skin temperature sensor to measure your blood oxygen levels and skin temperature, in addition to your heart rate, resting heart rate, and heart-rate variability. You can easily see when your health is improving, or when you might be deviating from your baseline due to stress, illness, and more. Plus, you can download your personalized health reports to send to your physician, coach, or family.

You can also use the WHOOP app to:

● Journal: Log daily behaviors like alcohol, nutrition, caffeine, meditation, stress and more to see which choices impact your performance most

● Review your performance: Weekly and monthly Performance Assessments give you a better look at how individual behaviors and choices add to or detract from your performance

● Join a team: Stay motivated and accountable by joining a team. Chat directly with your teammates in the app, or as a coach, see how your team’s training is going.

● Sync with Apple Health: WHOOP integrates with Apple’s Health app to sync activities and personalize your experience

● Get Menstrual Cycle Coaching: Members with a natural menstrual cycle can get strain and sleep coaching recommendations to account for monthly hormonal changes

● Use WHOOP Live: Overlay real-time Recovery, Sleep, Strain or heart-rate data onto your videos

● Chat with support: Membership Services can answer any of your questions directly from the app

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WHOOP (167.3MB)

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