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имя приложения Hello Sweet Days
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Замечания 5398
издатель COCONE
дробь 8.0
дата публикации 10/08/2022
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мод меню:

Hello Sweet Days

Hello Sweet Days Представление игры :

*.. You’re invited to enter the world of Sanrio characters..*

★ Style your clothes and room! Have a cozy conversation with your favorite character★

[The Main Characters]

Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Pompompurin, and Cinnamoroll-all together in one place!

Pochacco, Kuromi, Gudetama, Tuxedosam, Aggretsuko, Keroppi, and others are featured too.

Items with your favorite characters can be found in-game!

* … * … * … * …* … * … *

So, what are you waiting for? Join Hello Sweet Days!

* … * … * … * …* … * … *

1. Dress your avatar with cute clothes and accessories.

— We have great outfits for every style, including cute designs with different Sanrio character themes!

2. Decorate your lovely room

— As you explore, beloved Sanrio characters will delight you by popping up here and there as plushies!

3. Hold a party in your room and invite your friends!

— Once your party gets going, there’s a good chance Sanrio characters will stop by!

4. Have conversations with characters living in Smile Town!

— Sanrio characters might ask you for help! Grow close to your favorite characters by chatting with them!

5. Play alongside neighbors who also love Sanrio characters!

— Share your interests with your neighbors by visiting their room or posting on the chatboard!

* … * … * … * …* … * …*

The following types of residents are already having a great time in town;

* … * … * … * …* … * …*

· Those who love Sanrio characters

· Those who want to engage their favorite characters in conversation!

· Those who\’d like to relax in a warm and inviting environment!

· Those who love fashion and want to try all kinds of different styles!

· Those who want to explore their love for interior design by making the perfect room!

· Those who enjoy Sanrio Puroland/Harmony Land!

· Those who like Sanrio products!

· Those searching for an avatar app they can enjoy with their spare change!

· Those who love cute things!

· Those who enjoy going to parties!

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Hello Sweet Days

Hello Sweet Days

Hello Sweet Days

Hello Sweet Days

Hello Sweet Days

Hello Sweet Days (127.4MB)

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